How do I Get to Juilliard?

If your only answer is “Practice, practice, practice,” you haven’t been paying attention. Last night we attended a recital by renowned faculty pianist Seymour Lipkin and found ourselves among the many New Yorkers who knew about this chance.



Regular recitals by all the faculty are just one group of free events offered by this great institution.  If you wander by, inside the lobby is a list of all the events during the week, many of which are free. They include dance, theater, jazz, art and film as well as music of all kinds.


Or, check for the latest news. We heard our concert in gorgeous Paul Recital Hall, complete with ultra modern pipe organ.


If you’re getting your tickets day of performance, try to stop by earlier in the day. We went at 7:15 pm and our wait list numbers were already 48 and 49; by 8 pm the line had reached 100+. We made it inside by the skin of our teeth and in the face of fierce determination from the standbys. Although Lipkin’s splendid Beethoven was interrupted by a fire drill and everyone had to go outside for a while,


our concert artist graciously agreed to replay the last movement if we waited and returned. It was worth it.

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