A Ghoulish Night–Best Party Ever

Somewhat by intention, we found ourselves eating dinner at a Village restaurant on Sixth Avenue the night of the Halloween Parade. We had studiously avoided the crowds and craziness for four decades but somehow on this 40th anniversary wanted to taste a little of it. We took the train along with other New Yorkers,

Halloween parade 029

ate our dinner and enjoyed the view. After years of not going, we realized it was a totally sweet Halloween parade 032

and funny experience. Families of all kindsHalloween parade 038

Halloween parade 044

watched the Julie Taymor-like skeletons, penguins and

Halloween parade 050

flying clocks dancing high above the crowd’s heads so we really could see things after all.

Halloween parade 054

Exhausted but happy we trained home with other revelers.

Halloween parade 057

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