Food Trucks R Us

Have you given up hope of finding a reasonably priced tasty lunch midtown? If so, join the thousands who eat there every day without breaking the bank–try a food truck. Trucks line up for the lunch crowd on 50th Street just west of 6th Avenue and you will have your choice.


Philly cheesesteaks are here, also traditional hot dogs and souvlaki truck fare, plus some newcomers but the main thing is, they are all very very cheap. I’m not just talking less than $10, I’m talking $3.50 for a meatball snack.


Many of these trucks have made it onto the Food Channel and have their own websites and twitter handles.


A few represent the newer cuisines to hit town, such as Himalayan


and Indian Halal (mostly vegetarian).

Image (Source:

Or, try an old favorite–potatoes stuffed with whatever.


Don’t forget dessert.

ben and jerry (Source:

Miss Piggy said if you want a hot fudge sundae, don’t have it after lunch, have it for lunch. I have sometimes followed the Miss Piggy diet with varying results.

Food truckers have an association, meet-ups and blogs and can be seen wherever New Yorkers gather. If you are nervous about eating from a food truck, try something deep fried. I am happy to tell you that is completely safe.

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