Shopping for a Quartet

We have recently come out of mourning for the retired Guarneri Quartet and are in the market for a new favorite. In support of our search, we attended a concert of the Hagen Quartet (three Hagens and a Schmidt)–not so new–they’ve been playing together for 30 years in Austria–but new to us. They were great and we have the 92nd Street Y to thank for them.Image

When was the last time you were at this Y and if not, why not? It’s been here since 1874–where were you? Kaufman Auditorium’s acoustics are second to none and its prices are low.

You can swim, dance, throw clay, watch Lost Films Noir, hear poetry, and listen to your favorite songs performed by Broadway artists at Lyrics and Lyricists. Anyone who is anybody gives talks there,

larry david at the y(Source:

including Chris Matthews and David Gergen, and when you are done, you can whip up a batch of Guest Talker F. Murray Abraham’s cake.


Throughout its 138-year history, it has served New York servicemen,

92Y045reduced(Source: 92nd Street Y Archives)

children and seniors. “A proudly Jewish institution that reaches out to people of every race, ethnicity, religion, age and economic class, (Archives),” it retains a strong Jewish Life program.

The Y says that “As an inclusive, nonprofit organization with the mission of serving our entire community, 92nd Street Y is not a membership organization and there is no ’92nd Street Y Membership.’  Anyone may register for any class, workshop or event without having to pay an organizational membership fee.”

You can, however buy a special sports membership or one for seniors that entitles you to M-F 9-4 classes in computing, bridge, Tai Chi, Spanish, wine, and acting among other things. The seniors membership is $435/year but financial assistance is available. Don’t be afraid to ask about it–you might miss the next great thing.

92Y_GrillingChallenge_Header2.jpg.aspx (Source:

Or quartet.

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