So What Are You Doing for New Year’s Eve?

Having trouble staying up? if so, you are not alone.

We used to hold a party and sing standards with friends while Rory played and each person performed a funny number. My favorites were David singing “A Modern Major General” in Yiddish and Burt making us read through Toch’s murderous “Geographic Fugue.” And few can forget Rory and my versions of “Way Out West on West End Avenue” and “Neurotic You and Psychopathic Me.”


Someone usually put on the TV to watch the ball drop and of course we all kissed so that was good. Only one problem—we were having trouble staying up.

So then we began a tradition of going to eat out with friends and that was fine except we often had trouble getting home (open-toed shoes in the snow—very cold). So we started going to a neighborhood French restaurant and staying after midnight to dances. We did this for a few years and it was quite fun. Then, the rot set in. We found it harder to make it until midnight and really, all that gourmet food so late at night?


So we made the reservation earlier and earlier and now we hug our lifelong friends at about 9:30, say goodnight and go home to kiss and go to sleep, figuring we can welcome the New Year in the morning. Our local restaurant is still there, owned by the same family with the same wonderful waiters and waitresses we have seen for years. I won’t mention the name because they’re very crowded and I’d hate to let out our local secret but if you are out wandering around in the West 80s near Columbus, you might find it. They serve an incredible roast duck and I find that if I eat it early enough I’m fine.

mirabelle (Source:

Have a very Happy New Year.

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