Bijoux, Botanicals and Ballet

In these winter months, bargains are to be had at many NYC events, museums and attractions, some of which are offered through various discount newsletters. One of them is Goldstar and it is free to sign up. This week, offers will get you half price tickets to  a few of my favorite places.

One is the Museum of the City of New York–an often overlooked museum on Upper Fifth Avenue full of gems. Through Goldstar, the entry fee is reduced to $5 and really, could it get any cheaper? Of course, the regular senior admission is only $6 but a dollar here, a dollar there…. What’s there, you may ask? I’m fond of Gilded New York, a wonderful evocation of the late 19th–early 20th centuries among New York’s elite–their costumes, jewelry and portraits–think Edith Wharton. If you were among the 1% then, it might have been fun.

Image(Source: julie saad)

Try also Activist New York and view photos, videos and artifacts of social movements in our city from the 17th century onward. Very interesting.

Image(Source: Library of Congress)

And finally, don’t miss the Museum’s fine collection of marine paintings, many on view for the first time. We should keep in mind that New York was first and foremost an important port.

Image(Source: Museum collection)

A quick return to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the Tropical Paradise will warm you up. View the bromeliads, ferns, and orchids and dream of the islands. The price: $6-$12 instead of $10-$20.

Image(Source: Barbara Reiner)

Finally, consider the New York City Ballet, our own first class home grown company. With dates through February, the program is a trio of dance works by Peter Martins, Christopher Wheeldon and Jerome Robbins. Full price $92-$137; discount price is $47–not cheap, but cheaper for very good seats, and anyway, if we don’t support the arts, who will?

Image(Source: NYCB; Four Seasons)

By the way, you can almost always get seats either online or in person at in the third ring D for $29 each. For ballet, in the State Theater (now the Koch Theater) which was built for dance, these are just fine.

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