Can You Survive the New Lego Movie?

Sent by our children to see this movie, as Suitable for Sensitive Seniors, we can now report on it to you. If you plan on taking small children, it’s fine. To go yourselves, well, here are some caveats.

the-new-trailer-for-the-lego-movie-is-filled-with-jokes-for-adults(Source: Business

Are you accustomed to the fast editing that kids find perfectly comfortable from their video games? We had a bit of trouble adapting our eyes to it. Then you have the frenetic pace and the very loud almost continuous noise. I enjoy a good animated film–my favorite is “Rio”–but I found this Lego-like animation not as interesting as the classic Disney-type. These are the worst things.


The good things: the messaging is just fine–this is a gentle satire about the boredom of utter conformity, and the annoyance for children of always having to be happy and positive–never getting angry or showing a frown. The theme is looking for the “special,” and this is nicely handled. We learn that the worst thing you can do with Lego is to cement the pieces together permanently; the best thing is to use them in new ways all the time. As is the case with most children’s movies, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) (Business Insider) have inserted plenty of adult humor and you will recognize many famous voices as villains and heroes: Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, etc.

The hit tune is “Everything is Awesome,” sung by Unikitty,

happy unikitty(Source:

whose inner anger is struggling to come out.

angry unikitty(Source:

After a few stanzas of this relentlessly happy tune, you find yourself really hoping she will snarl at somebody.

Will Ferrell has a great bit claiming the Lego as his own toy.

will ferrell(Source:

Spoiler Alert: I hope I won’t be letting the cat out of the bag if I tell you that the movie has a happy ending; if this troubles you, perhaps you are not quite yet old enough for this film.

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