New Art in the 20s–Visiting Galleries II

As you walk through Chelsea across 23rd Street from the #1 train, you will see lots of fine old townhouses,

ART GALLERIES 006landmark apartment buildings,

ART GALLERIES 007and the local barber shop looking very upscale and chic. ART GALLERIES 008The old railroad bed, now the High Line,  is above you and even on a cold day, people are meandering along, looking down.

ART GALLERIES 010This is a nice walk. It leads to the streets west of Tenth Avenue, where hundreds of art galleries lurk.

We chose 25th Street ART GALLERIES 012in order to see and enjoy works by Kiki Smith, Beth Carter, and Richard Serra.

Smith’s works highlight her views of women, animals and their role in the cosmos. They cover the gamut in art forms, including sculpture, ART GALLERIES 018tapestry,

ART GALLERIES 019glass painting,

eagles on glass(Source: other media.

ART GALLERIES 020They are mostly huge in scale and wonderful. You can see her works at the Pace Gallery through March 29.

We then visited the monumental Serra exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery on West 24th Street through March 15. These mysterious gatherings of monoliths appear uniform

ART GALLERIES 027until you get very close and then you see the differences in detail,

ART GALLERIES 025texture and  color. If you didn’t think you liked this kind of thing, you might, like me, end up with a little more perspective.

ART GALLERIES 028Our next stop was the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

ART GALLERIES 014to see the dreamlike, mythological man-beasts created by Beth Carter in her exhibit, Dancing with Morpheus, there through March 18. Her minotaurs,


animal-human forms,

man beast(Source:

and horses


are strangely beautiful and moving.

These artists are giants in their field and, thankfully, all still alive. Whether you make it to these or other exhibits, the art is there, it’s free and they even let me take pictures.

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