Orchids Grow in the Bronx

Once again, we took a jaunt to the New York Botanical Gardens, this time to see the Orchid Show, and at half price no less. The subway to Grand Central reminded me once again of this magnificent edifice

Image Imageand what a crime it was to lose the old Penn Station. Image (Source: bc.edu)

Hopefully, one day we will have the new Penn Station as envisioned by Daniel Patrick Moynihan created out of the still standing General Post Office Building, also designed by McKim, Mead and White.Image

(Source: designerscollaborativenyc.com) But I digress.

It was a mere 20-minute trip to the Botanical Gardens on Metro North, $4/senior, $2.50 on weekends, and there we were right at the entrance to the Garden. Our Goldstar 1/2 price tickets were $12/each and admitted us to the now flowering landscape

flowering treesand right into the Enid Haupt Conservatory


transformed into a rainforest for this show. We saw butterfly orchids,

butterfly orchidsminiature orchids,

orchid miniaturesoverhanging orchids,

orchids overhead 2orchid bowers,

orchid bankspotted orchids,orchids 3(remember cattleyas that dates used to bring you to wear on a dress or a wrist a long long time ago?)

and startling brown,

orchids 4spidery,

orchids 2and amazing turquoise orchids.

turq orchidsThrow in a couple of brilliant bromeliads

bromeliadsbromeliads 2and you’re done.

Just a few more days of this show, but how beautiful to go in weather like this. Take the trip–it’s fast, easy and cheap.


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