Grabbing a Bite on the Run, the Walk, and the Sit

eating hot dogs in the parkWhen my elder brother came to New York from Los Angeles, he said he felt hungry all the time here and asked me if New Yorkers ever stopped eating and of course I had to admit that we didn’t. .But I have noticed recently that our tendency to eat in between restaurants has increased, even beyond the normal pretzel.

pretzel 2(Source:

or ice cream

kim kardashian eats ice cream(Source:

Why, I ask myself?

Is it because now we have more food carts on the street and can sample many kinds of different stuff easily? yes.

food carts(Source:

Or the proliferation of food trucks carrying unexpected foods?  certainly

schnitzel and things(Source:

Or food trucks for our pets? always


Or because New Yorkers are always in a rush? also true

eating a doughnut(Source:

Is it because restaurants have gotten more expensive? after all, on the street, you have many choices for $1.

meat on a stick in queens20090715-99cents-porkbunsqueens(Source:

But I think it’s more than that–it’s the New Yorker’s need to get to the next thing without wasting time. Of course, there is always your cell phone or ipod, but really, you can always eat, too.

eating on the subway(

Of course, pizza, is perfect for eating outside.


Some folks, however, still prefer to chow down with their hometown favorites.

goat eating pizza(Source:

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