Spring Natural Kitchen–A Haven for the Political Eater

Political eaters are those who will or won’t eat foods because of various considerations which may or may not seem crazy to other people. I can live with this, especially as there seem to be more and more restaurants that cater to us.

outside window(Source: coffeeandchampagne.com) Spring Natural Kitchen, a long-delayed offshoot of Soho favorite Spring Street Natural, is now happily ensconced on the Upper West Side and collecting a devoted following, us included. The much-abused term “natural” can refer to many things but connoisseurs of the true natural look for such important distinctions as organic, free-range, humanely raised, no hormones, grass-fed, local and that highest of all encomiums, slaughtered under humane conditions (to be honest, I have never yet seen this on a menu and it might put some people off). You see why I use the term political.

The style is casual but comfy and there is the faint pleasant air of left-over hippieness from the Soho spot.inside(Source: springnaturalkitchen.com)

Spring’s menu states that all “meat, poultry and eggs are from free roaming or pastured animals, and are naturally farmed without the use of hormones, antibiotics or nitrates. All beef is from grass-fed Black Angus cattle. We source our meat from a collection of small, mostly family-operated local farms. All grains and legumes are certified organic. Produce is organic whenever possible.”

Yet despite all the above restrictions, or some of us would say, because of all the above, the food is delicious. Much is suitable for vegetarians and vegans but there is plenty for those of us who eat beef and chicken, provided they have been treated well all their lives. The fish was not overcooked,

fishthe tuna was appropriately rare,

tunaand my son’s favorite hamburger, with sauteed mushrooms and hand-cut French fries, passed his rigorous standards.

hamburgerPrices are reasonable for lunch and dinner and you can eat lightly there at any meal. It was crowded and noisy on Mother’s Day but what restaurant was not? Political eater or not, you’ll like it.


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