Bach at Noon–Grace Church’s Heavenly Organ Meditations

The 200-year old Grace Church moved from Rector Street in 1846 to its current location at Broadway and 11th Street and finished its stained-glass windows in the 1870s.


Now a National Historic Landmark near Union Square, it houses a devoted congregation that embarked on a 25-year restoration of the stone and marble structure and its stained glass windows. They also installed a magnificent new $3 million pipe organ. Image

What amazed us was the size and sound of the incredible Taylor and Boody Bicentennial Organ, Opus 65, hand made from T & B’s own aged lumber and installed with enormous numbers of large pipes along several walls in the church.


Now that the church has this glorious instrument, it is sharing it with everyone. Every Tuesday through Friday at 12:20, you can drop in to hear daily organ meditations featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach played by Grace Church organist Patrick Allen, university and Eastman School of Music trained, whose talent was honed on the great organs of Europe. This is Bach as it was played by the master and as it should be heard now.Image (Source:

Bach believed that  “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” You, too, can have your soul refreshed for free every Tuesday through Friday at 12:20









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