Cheap Good French Food Midtown–A Contradiction in Terms?

Yes, there is a little bistro where you can get browned-on-the-top-the-way-I-like-it French onion soup,

La Bonne Soupe NYC french onion soup(Source:

salad, bread, a glass of wine and dessert for $22. No, I am not dreaming and neither are the many patrons who have found their way here since 1973. It is called La Bonne Soupe, which means, “the good life.”


It also refers to a popular French comedy of the 50s

darrieux poster 2followed by a very successful film.


They have a cute bar

barand several small but comfortable rooms, which are pretty busy at dinnertime so make a reservation (for three or more only).

inside 3I had a delicious hamburger covered in Mornay sauce and melted cheese (for which I am currently doing penance) and crisp French fries for $15. I also love their real cider–slightly alcoholic and available in sweet or dry.They serve crepes (Rory enjoyed his very much), croque monsieur, and quiche all for $12-14 and fondue with green apples for $25.

La Bonne Soupe is at 48 West 55th, just a block away from City Center where we often go for the Encores! series. If you are looking for haute cuisine, go directly to Daniel, but if you would like a familiar taste of France or, as the Michelin Guide says, “un bon repas a prix modere,” this is the place.






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