Lunch at Fairway Cafe–A View From Above

Most of us know of and shop at Fairway;

fairway outside(Source: we go to the one on Broadway at 74th Street to get fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meat.

organic fruits and veggies(Source:

It took us a while, however, to actually eat in the upstairs cafe

folks 2but now that we’ve found our way there, it has become a regular of ours. One nice thing is that it’s on the second floor and we can look at leafy Broadway from above.

window view The other is that it has a nice homey feeling, with a simple menu, including old friends like cinnamon toast that you can hardly find any place else and a really fine selection of fresh baked goods.

piesAfter my lox,onions and eggs with a poppyseed bagel and our friends’ omelets and  soft-shelled crab, we indulged in some homemade strawberry shortcake and

shortcake 3one of my favorites, strawberry-rhubarb pie, tangy and crusty.

strawberry rhubarb 2Remember, when you ask them to warm pie up, to tell them not to put it in the microwave–you lose all the crustiness that way. The Fairway folks knew that and warmed it in the oven, a sure sign of a good place.

Look for the vase of flowers

sunflowersand walk right in. I understand that at night when they serve their much-vaunted steaks, there are tablecloths. We’ll try it soon and let you know. Prices are very reasonable.



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