Oysters Don’t Need Pearls—Cape Cod Jewels

Can two New Yorkers find happiness eating in Cape Cod restaurants? yes, especially if they love oysters. We were mainly there for the whales, but we managed to fit in several (many?) oyster meals.

fresh-oysters-to-die(Source: tripadvisor.com) I have come to love these strange bi-valves and went in search of places that had low-cost specials or better yet, their own oyster beds. Not that we scorned other fresh fish–in fact, it will be a while before I eat fish again. We started at Captain Parker’s in West Yarmouth–they had a nice appetizer of six of their own oysters for $9–small, succulent, single bites.

captain parker 3Big crowds gathered there for the fried clams, which we also ate.

captain parker 2We moved onto one of the Cape’s most highly rated restaurants–the Naked Oyster, which has its own beds but still charges $2/each–very elegant room and the oysters were good but too expensive, we felt, for their home turf.

cape cod fancy restaurant with its own oystersWe managed to scarf down some fried oysters in Barnstable Village’s Dolphin for lunch—a good value at about $13,

dolphin inn villageand let us not forget the Oyster Company in Dennisport, which has its own beds and provides the best deal in town–$1.25/oyster up until 6:30. We managed to get there in time and ate our fair share or perhaps more than our fair share.

oyster-company-harwich-ma-539x417(Source: capecodmenus.com)

We had a plain fish dinner at Yarmouth House, which has a three-course senior menu for $15 and it was very tasty.

yarmouth house 2In short, if you go in search of oysters, you can have a pretty good time at a low cost, especially compared to NYC’s prices. They are pure protein, low calorie and strangely pleasant to the palate. As for their other reputed effects, you will have to judge for yourself.


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