Nobu New York Still a Knock-out

During Restaurant Week, we take the opportunity to try out new places we normally wouldn’t go to for one reason or another, usually cost. On that basis, we went to Nobu New York in Tribeca for its $25 lunch and enjoyed ourselves hugely. It wasn’t easy to find it, as there was no street number and the sign was so subtle as to be invisible.

Nobu outsideThe message seemed to be, if you don’t know where you’re going, you may not deserve to eat here.

Inside, however, the servers were friendly and welcoming into Nobu’s stunning interior complete with metal trees.

Nobu inside treesThe sushi chefs had a place of honor in the center of the room

Nobu sushi chefswhile local business people, travelers, and Restaurant Week dabblers like us filed in to fill the huge space.

Nobu guestsNobu offered a full three-course menu that included appetizers of sashimi salad, his signature black cod miso,

SetHeight300-Black-Cod-Miso18(Source: and exquisite softshell crab with roasted beets.

Main courses consisted of beef with anticucho, Arctic char and, of course, sushi, which we both ordered.


The generous portion included six large pieces of raw scallop (first time I’ve had that), yellowtail, tuna, salmon, real crab and fluke. They also gave us a six-piece yellowtail and scallion roll–really really good, plus a small glass of sake on the rocks was offered at $7.

I wanted to see if this sushi was substantially different from other good sushi I have had and I have to say it was. No faint suspicion of fishiness lingered in these silken sweet morsels and I loved it all, even those fish I had formerly not liked very much. If you are not a consumer of raw fish, this might make you into one, although you may unknowingly be one already. (I’ll never forget my mother offering a French maid some smoked salmon and the maid’s reply to my surprised mother that she didn’t eat raw fish.)

Dessert was either Panacotta with Fresh Mango or my choice, Chocolate Semifreddo with little chocolate chunks throughout and topped by little freezing bits of strawberry ice–quite heavenly. Although he offers the traditional Japanese Mochi on his regular menu,

mochi(Source:, it was not on the Restaurant Week menu. Although my son, who loves mochi, would no doubt call me a philistine, I liked what we had better. In fact, in my greed to eat it, I failed to take a photo, but it sort of looked like this with chocolate under it.

dessert( Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, a pioneer in New Japanese Cuisine who combines his classic Japanese training with Peruvian and Argentinian influences, has many restaurants around the world and three in New York. The prices are high at Nobu New York, especially for his signature dishes, but Nobu Next Door unbundles the meal and you can get sushi by the piece or go for brunch there on Saturday or Sunday. During Restaurant Week, brunch is $25 and you will get something like this:


The best thing is to take advantage of Restaurant Week (until August 15) and go to and find your favorite. There is a Winter Week as well, so keep on the lookout.



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