Le Perigord in Restaurant Week—A Return to Traditional French Cuisine

During Restaurant Week, we decided to visit one of  New York’s few remaining French restaurants of the old school, Le Perigord. We understand that its 78-year old owner, Georges Briguet, still  watches over the restaurant’s daily work and he clearly has a solid cadre of loyal customers to prove it.

LePerigord01(Source: eatbigapple.com)

Le Perigord is in the far east–that is to say, on First Avenue and 52nd Street, and does require a long bus ride for anyone coming from the far west. It is pretty, comfortable and roomy.

LePerigord_122-1024x640(Source: leperigord.com)

Members of our party ate pate and patevegetable quiche for appetizers,

vegatable quicheand salmon,


crabcaksand veal kidneys for main courses. The food was uniformly good although I would not call it imaginative. It is a traditional menu which many long for but do not find in today’s French restaurants.

frozen raspberry souffleThe only thing that we thought could have been improved upon was attention to the diners–specifically, us. In a fine restaurant, we are all used to having someone–anyone–stop by and ask how things are, but no one did. As we know, Restaurant Week was designed to introduce potential new adherents to previously untried restaurants but on this occasion, at least, Perigord didn’t provide the warm welcome we would have appreciated and that would bring us across town again.

This year is Le Perigord’s 50th anniversary and there is certainly a place for this venerable and traditional French restaurant in the New York scene. Outside of Restaurant Week, they offer a $32 prix fixe lunch with a number of special items including Quenelles De Brochet Sauce Homardine pike mousse dumplings with lobster sauce, Filet D’Agneau Barigoule, and Pâtes Aux Truffles fettuccine with black truffle sauce.


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