Things to do on Cape Cod in the Autumn When All the Other Tourists Have Left

When the restaurants no longer require an hour wait and Cape Cod takes on its next season, you can enjoy Provincetown without the crowds,

provincetown streetview the wonderfully purple hydrangeas (I was never able to get mine that color)

hydrangeasvisit the beautiful town library

provincetown library 2and see the ship, the Rose Dorothea inside, yes inside.

provincetown libary shipWhale watching is good through October and this should not be missed. You can take off from several different places: Hyannis, Provincetown, Plymouth, Boston but although the ride may be variable in length, sooner or later you will wind up at the Stellwagen Sanctuary where the whales hang out.

hyannis 3The Cape Cod National Seashore, created by JFK in 1961, is made up of beaches throughout Cape Cod; they are open year round and autumn is a good time to take wildlife walks–you can spot seals, watch birds, stroll the shoreline, and visit lighthouses.

seal cape cod autumn(

On a rainy day, everyone–and I mean everyone–congregates at the Sandwich Glass Museum, a surprisingly comprehensive and varied museum, carrying everything from classic pressed glass originals (you can see copies sold in the Met Museum),

glass tripadvisor(  to demonstrations of glass blowing

sandwich-glass-museum-glass-show-and-sale-S( to many many ships in bottles. The Museum holds its annual sale September 6 and 7. If you feel a bit peckish, step into the Dunbar Tea Shop a few steps away

dunbar 4and indulge in some really fine cakes and pies, good any time of the year.

dunbar tea shopMany restaurants have their own oyster beds and if you are a fan, they are cheap here.fresh-oysters-to-diePlus, there are lots of little towns to visit all over the cape and you can find good deals at hotels when all the tourists (everybody but you) leave. All in all, a pleasant, slightly out-of-high-season trip for the fall.

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