You Can Go Home Again–Cafe Luxembourg is as Good as Ever

While other more pricey additions to this West 70th Street block have come and gone–Compass, Loi–and good riddance to them, I say–Cafe Luxembourg has stayed the course for 41 years.

outside 2Always a pretty place in the classic style, with a nice bar

bar 1and comfy red leather booths

red leather booths( the food is still very very good although the menu style has changed a bit over the years.My husband mourned the loss of his cassoulet, possibly a victim to today’s lighter eating style, but he was very happy about his grilled pork chop.

I had the best moules frites, with thin slices of fennel and garlic in the broth touched up with what I believe and hope was cream (thank heavens, that hasn’t disappeared), and the skinniest, crunchiest frites ever.


They have a great dinner special–any appetizer and entree (except specials) for $36 and that’s a pretty good deal for the Upper West Side these days in a full service restaurant with tablecloths and waiters in those long aprons that I love.

insdie 3You could easily stop after that, but THIS WOULD BE A MISTAKE. Why? because they have a great pastry chef–also the mark of a fine restaurant. It’s true the bill is a little higher, and the scale this morning also a little higher, but who wouldn’t trade all that for their version of strawberry-rhubarb pie

pieand tarte tatin made with apricots and mango?

tarte tatinRory waxed rhapsodic about the pistachio ice cream pop covered in white chocolate, but I loved the buttery crust and the home made fruit sauces that accompanied my pie.

Our friends often have Sunday brunch here which stretches from 9am to 4pm and has an encyclopedic menu including the French Toast which looks pretty good.

french toast( In between and after meals, Luxembourg does a bistro menu and again, you can eat very reasonably. It’s not the cheapest of the cheap, but it is a very good value for fine food. As loyal UWSers, we will continue to support our neighborhood merchants. You should, too.

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