The Food Truck Movie–Jon Favreau’s “Chef” Goes Down Well

With the proliferation of television food programs, including one on food trucks, it is no surprise to see that the romance of food trucks has hit the movies.

the food truck( Favreau, who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film, is funny and touching and his semi-improvisational directing/acting style works well in this picaresque journey.

CHEF_08612.NEF ( Plot. Well, it’s hard to see why chef Carl Casper doesn’t get along with his gorgeous, understanding and loving wife, played by Sofia Vergara, but let’s pretend we believe it and that his adorable little son, Percy, played by Emjay Anthony, suffers from fatherly neglect.

Casper loses his job because his boss, in an unsympathetic role nicely turned in by Dustin Hoffman, forces him to continue to make boring old caviar egg,

caviar eggonion soup( French onion soup and

enhanced-buzz-wide-3058-1400267960-33( chocolate lava cake, thereby disgusting the food critic Ramsey Michel (double insider joke) played by Oliver Platt with his routine menu. Again, a certain amount of literary collusion is necessary here as everyone knows that chocolate lava cake can never be routine. However.

Chef Casper fixes up his food truck with his little son as he begins the long arduous process of becoming a proper dad. He teaches him to shop,

shopping( cook and serve while Percy teaches his dad about going viral on social media, ensuring vast crowds in each city thanks to youtube and twitter. Percy enunciates a cardinal rule in human relationships when he tells his dad that he likes when they learn stuff from each other.

This part buddy, part road, part foodie movie travels from South Beach to Los Angeles, soon-to-be-home of the food truck, as Casper, working closely with his sous-chef played by John Leguizamo, rediscovers his love of creative cooking.

chef and sous chef( We forget that food trucks can actually move from place to place and this film gives us a chance to sample Miami cubanos, New Orleans beignets at Cafe du Monde, and Texas BBQ. There is a truly funny scene of male bonding with cornstarch (I won’t go any further with this) and we eat well at all the stops.

Little Havana rhumba by “Cuban musician Jose C. Perico Hernandez, pericao hernandez( New Orleans jazz and the music of Gary Clark (Michael and Susan Blumenfield on in Texas create a great background beat for the trip.

“Chef” doesn’t break any new ground but it’s entertaining, delicious and heartwarming–what more do you want from a movie?


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