If You Must Eat in Times Square–Try Marseille

No doubt about it, Times Square on a Friday night in the fall is mayhem. Walking on 42nd Street, dodging crowds of visitors loading onto buses going home, tourists enjoying the sights, and homely theater-goers attempting to eat or make their way down the street, is just not fun if you are the least bit claustrophobic.

nyc-times-square-crowded(thesmarttraveler.com) There are, however, some good theaters along 42nd Street and of course, on the side streets. If you decide you want to eat in the area pre-theater, you have a choice: MacDonalds and Applebees come to mind,

42nd_Street_in_New_York(en.wikipedia.org) but if these don’t suit your palate, you can sample an area staple, the tried-and-true Marseille, on the corner of 9th Avenue and 44th Street.

outside pinterestIt’s charming inside and out,

4marseilles inside(restraturantsinyc.com) and serves genuine bistro cuisine with a southern France/Mediterranean flair. One nice item is a small version of their large bouillabaisse with loads of shellfish–good as a first course if you a have a good appetite or bouillabaisse tripadvisor(large bouillabaisse, opentable.com) paired with an appetizer for those of us eating less (or trying to any way). There are also Moroccan-influenced tagines and coucous dishes

lamb with coucouse(opentable.com) that were tasty. If you can manage it, there is a $38 three-course prix fixe dinner that is a good value.  Be warned: make a reservation and get there by 6 pm. It gets very crowded inside as well as out and service, while pleasant, does slow down as curtain time approaches.

Executive Chef Andy D’Amico also presides over the Upper West Side’s familiar Nice Matin and Five Napkin Burger.


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