5 Napkin Burger’s Lunch Box is Here–a Great Special

i love the upper west side outside(ilovetheupperwestside.com) For $9.75, now totally reasonable for a mid-day meal, you can get a really good special at Five Napkin Burger (Upper West Side and Union Square–check your own location).

booths 2This neighborhood hangout replacing the beloved Ollie’s has quickly become a local favorite and you have to choose your time to come in. Weekday lunch is just fine and you get a bargain from 11:30 am to 4 pm–The Lunchbox.

two sliders with veggieThis means two sliders or tacos and freshly cooked chips–these are real potato chips as this side of the pond calls them. And what potato chips they are—positively the best I have ever eaten–fresh, hot and incredibly crisp. They rival or perhaps surpass their French Fries which are also excellent.

I ordered the cheddar and veggie sliders and this veggie burger is without exception the best ever.veggie burger(yumveggieburger.com) I inquired and was told it was made with beets, carrots, zucchini, lentils and a couple of other things I have forgotten–in other words, real vegetables with a little crunch left in them and a few chewy grains, not soft grain mush as I had the other day at BRGR. Even non-vegetarians will like this one, I guarantee it.

The classic burger here is enormous with gruyere and carmelized onions

carmelized onions and gruyere(5napkinburger.com) and you probably shouldn’t miss their panko crusted onion rings.

onion ringsWhen I am tempted I make it a practice to fall, and I have often fallen for their deep dark chocolate cake on other occasions and although my daughter says that cake is merely a delivery system for icing, in this case both are superb.


Their drinks are tall and when I asked for club soda with lots of limes, I got it. Rory likes this thing called an Arnold Palmer, mostly for the name I think, half iced tea and half lemonade. Eh.

drinksBy the way, if you don’t have reflux and you can eat late, you can get $2 sliders and $4 drinks from 10 pm to midnight.

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