Maison Kayser’s Debut on the Upper West Side–Mostly a Smash Hit

outsideI had enjoyed Maison Kayser’s East Side location and was delighted when I learned they had added a store on Broadway at 76th. Just recently, Millefeuille had opened on the same block bringing joy and buttery pastries to our shores. Could the UWS sustain two French bakeries? Only our taste test could determine the answer to this vital question. So we hurried on down.

While we waited on line, we moseyed on up to the bakery section and bought a few necessities for the next day–or possibly the same day. Great breadstuffs and the usual fancy pastries.

bakery 2pastryWe sat down and ordered simple things–half a baguette hot out of the oven with butter and French jams ($2.75) reputed to be the best baguette in New York,

baguettea nice large brioche with those lovely little sugary things on top ($8)

brioche 1and some good strong coffee with cream. Why skimp I asked myself?

onion soupI have to say the onion soup was not as good as I have had elsewhere–but that is my only cavil.

On another trip, Rory and I shared the scrambled eggs with gruyere and asparagus–which were great despite the almost overwhelmingly strong smell of the cheese–it eats much more mildly than you’d think ($13 but enough for two).scrambled eggsNeighbors had what looked like some nice smoked salmon Benedict

eggs benedict 2and just to round out our meal, we also ordered a pain au chocolat which was, if you can believe me, too rich.pain au chocolatThe service was always friendly and aiming to please.

server 2while going home with our goodies was a pleasure deferred but not long delayed.

breads at home 3By the way, Millefeuille was doing a great business as we passed by–much smaller but with a few little tables for great baguette sandwiches plus a little something on the side.

Conclusion: the Upper West Side can certainly support two –or possibly an infinite number of –French bakeries/cafes on the same block– if they are good. We’re going back tomorrow; I think there may have been one or two things on the menu we didn’t try.




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