Want to Eat Like a Moghul Prince? Try Mughlai

outsideLots of Indian restaurants on the Upper West Side offer the usual Tandoori, meat and vegetarian mixtures but Mughlai on Columbus near 75th Street provides an interesting menu that highlights dishes from the various regions of India.

hindu_goddess(mughlainyc.com) For example, Baghare Baigan or whole baby eggplant simmered in sesame coconut sauce–a Hyderabadi specialty, or Lamb Vindaloo–lamb with chilies, hot spices and vinegar–a Portuguese influence on a Goan specialty, or Adraki Chaap– rack of lamb marinated in ginger,  rum, yogurt, and spices–a Punjabi specialty.

insideIt’s a pretty place whose cuisine, and in particular its vegetarian cuisine,  is a step above the usual perfectly ok local Indian restaurant we find on the Upper West Side. appetizerWe started with some vegetable Samosas, tandoor 2I ordered my all dark meat Tandoor chicken which was especially juicy, and Rory went for a fairly spicy vegetarian entree of veg and sidesGobi Palak, cauliflower and spinach cooked with fresh ginger and onion. We always order Raita, the cooling yoghurt, dill and cucumber sauce and of course, Nan, our favorite oven-baked bread.We ended our meal with the traditional Rasmalai, a truly sweet and creamy dessert, just the way I like them.rasmalaiMughlai isn’t particularly cheap but you can eat for $25/pp and get a really first rate meal. It has been one of our favorites for many years and has kept the quality high.

One thought on “Want to Eat Like a Moghul Prince? Try Mughlai

  1. Shelly is so right by identifying Mughlai as a great place for Indian food. Some how — or for some reason — Inidan restaurants seem to have been proliferating, at least on the Upper West Side. And, I believe, KI’ve had Panak Paneer at most of them. But Mughlai on 75th and Columbus — where it has been for years — is by all considerations, the best.
    Shelly Butler is right again.


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