Hungarian Pastry Shop–Still There–Still Great

Very rarely do you get to go home again and find things unchanged. After 40 plus years, however, the Hungarian Pastry Shop looks, feels and tastes the same as it did when I was in grad school at Columbia a very very long time ago

outside–except that every student is studying a computer instead of a book.

inside 3( All Columbia students found their way there, stepped up to the counter to order and waited for the waitstaff to bring it to you–and they still do. The owners may have painted since then, but I’m not sure.

The pastries are still great and very cheap; you can go for the rich creamy type—Dobos or hazelnut tortes, a Napoleon or hamentaschen–mit schlag if you wish–

pastryor one of the pastry squares, bars, or slices.

pastry 3I ordered one of each of my two favorites–strudel, of course

strudeland a great Hungarian butter bun with curd cheese called pogacha,


which is perfect to dip into one of their coffees.


possibly iced.

iced coffee( There are not so many Hungarian cafes left in New York and this one is genuine old school. If you plan a trip to St. John the Divine, which is directly across the street, (and in my next post I will tell you why you should), make time to stop here and renew an old friendship–you won’t regret it.

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