Return to Greatness–Ocean Grill Again a West Side Star

ocean-grill_v1_460x285( After many years of enjoying fish and shellfish at Ocean Grill, we found that the restaurant had taken a momentary dive, delivering its main courses cold, overseasoned and some without any sides. Vegetarians had little choice and shellfish entrees were scarce.

ocean grill insideA warm, inviting atmosphere had always been one of the attractions here and we liked it for brunch as well as for dinner, so we returned to the restaurant after the chef and the menu had been changed and found it as good as it had been in the past. The once again delicious food was served hot, with sides, and with courtesy.

oystersWe splurged on oysters, sushi rolls, and salads,appetizerappetizer 2and followed with Chilean Sea Bass with miso glaze,

chilean sea bassfish filletChatham cod and vegetarian BiBimBop. I might try a shellfish tower next time ($52 for two); it looked pretty great.

shellfish tower(

Restaurants can easily lose their clientele with just one bad meal and, as we all know, the tendency is not to go back. In this case, however, we were glad to find our old friend had regained its footing.

ocean grill specialtis( Ocean Grill, like most fish restaurants, is not cheap, but the prices are moderate and the portions plentiful. Brunch is a bargain and quite wonderful. Desserts are home made and excellent.

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