Leaving Time in Retirement for Kvetching

If you are not familiar with this term, you have perhaps not experienced the desire to complain a little on a regular basis about how you feel—thanks, not terrible, just this little pain that comes and goes. Immediately after and during retirement you have plenty of time to experience this state.

71gt0LDSxnL._SX425_(amazon.com) It’s not that heaven forbid you’re really sick or that things are much worse with your children than you expected, it’s just that suddenly that stomach thing seems to take up more room in your psyche. I have thought about this phenomenon and boiled it down to three things:

1. You have more time to make those doctor visits that you never had a chance to go to before. Oh, you attended to acute things, but not the chronic stuff that you always promised yourself you’d see to–remember that mole? well, this is your chance. Ultimately, this is probably a good thing although it may have the effect of making you think you’re in worse shape than you are.


2. You have more time to focus on how you feel–when you were working hysterically, CHICKEN LIttle(pinterest.com) there was only time to get the job done–none to concentrate on your day-to-day well-being. Ultimately, this may be a bad thing; who needs to focus more on those knees as you go down the steps?)

3. Finally, you have fewer so-called important things to do so your health begins to loom larger and larger, especially when you take it to its logical consequences and start thinking, what if I don’t attend to this? will it kill me or worse, make me a burden on my children?

cat(pinterest.com) In all the things you promised yourself you’d do in retirement–more time for music, interesting walks, travel, etc., you never thought about more time to go to doctors. Well, you need to, but there is a happy medium.

tiger(http://www.alfavyras.lt) You can go, in fact, you need to take one of those big every-five-year tests (you know what I mean) and all the other stuff that pops up as parts of you start to wear out, BUT, they don’t need to take over your life. Look at it this way.

Your current physical (and mental) make-up took you this far–65, 70 years, or whatever, without too much trouble. You now need a reset that will enable you to enjoy the next 20, 30 or 40 years. Fortunately, medical science can give you new knees, better eyesight (wow, I’m not wearing glasses for the first time in 40 years), and feet that can fit in your shoes (those bunions have got to go).

This year, I’m using my new physical apparatus to go to the Galapagos to see the blue-footed boobies dancegalapagos-scuba-diving-blue-footed-booby(galapagosscubadiving.com) and next year, to Xian, to watch the terracotta warriors stand guard. warriors(spanish.china.org.cn)

Use your new body parts in good health and now that you no longer have to concentrate on the next gala,¬†remember to pay attention to your brain and learn Sudoku, finally. Please also leave time to adopt that new pet–maybe a senior? as we know, seniors make the best companions.altadena_dogs(pasadenahumanesociety.org)


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