Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can Forget How to Ride a Bike

I know I did, or maybe it was not so much that I lost my balance as that I was afraid I would and then I would fall and break some part of me that I really needed in one piece. Also, oddly the seat on my well-loved Raleigh seemed to have gotten higher. Did I shrink? So I just didn’t ride. That is, until I discovered that there are two frame sizes for the 26″ wheel bicycles–lower and higher and, you guessed it, I needed the lower frame. You can’t make your old bicycle into a lower frame, you have to start over.

OK, so then I found out that there is something called a low boarding or easy boarding or step-through bicycle–one more good thing to get. I also still needed the coaster brake because in moments of panic, I revert to my 10-year-old self and press back with my feet. If you only have hand brakes, this will do you no good at all and you will crash; I needed both. Finally, I saw the ultimate in grown-up security–stabilizer wheels–or if you must, training wheels for adults. These are large sturdy wheels that attach to the frame—NOT the axle as with children’s training wheels, so only certain bikes can take them. With all of these elements, plus a really nice comfy gel seat, a nifty bell and a stylish helmet, I was good to go.

bicycles 1Here I am with my bicycle expert husband, ready to go and do my nice flat Riverside Park circuit. My legs really hurt but this is a lot more fun than cycling in front of the TV. NB This is not the Florida-style adult tricycle (although I would never sneer at that); this is especially good for people who have ridden a two-wheeler and just might do it again because you can take the wheels off. And I just might….eventually. For those who want the details, this is a Biria Top 3 Easy Boarding 3-speed with coaster brake and Bike USA stabilizer wheels. The people at the Ciel store on 65th and First were endlessly patient and kind in adjusting this ensemble for me. Then, there was the walk transporting the bike across and uptown….

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3 thoughts on “Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can Forget How to Ride a Bike

  1. Good to know

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  2. I have stiff joints and knee issues and was no longer able to easily mount and safely ride my 10 speed bike. I recently bought a Biria 3 speed like yours (but in blue) and love it. I have a question about seat height. Having a foot flat on the ground while seated on the stopped bike is my preference, but that goes contrary to how seats are traditionally adjusted. How did you adjust yours?


    • Lynn I like both my feet on the ground too and adjusted the seat accordingly. When you ride you may rock a little but once you get going it’s fine

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