Return to Licorice Heaven–Myzel’s Chocolates Still a Treat

Going to see the Alvin Ailey company once again, we made our ritual stop at Myzel’s across the street.outside 2Kamila Myzel has owned the shop for 25 years,Kamila Myzel creating fresh chocolates, cookies and candies for all of us.  She of course specializes in collecting licorice, over 100 kinds, licorice signand this time we went for the candy-coated kind–even I liked them. Kamila has prepared for the holidays and it’s every child’s (or sweets-loving adult’s) dream. display 2Dolls, nutcrackers, Santas, elves and other display 1characters make their appearance, including her very own gingerbread (really lebkuchen) in the shape of Kris Kringle or possibly Judah Maccabee for those of us celebrating Hanukah. Needless to say, we partook.gingerbreadHer chocolates,chocolate 2cookies, cookiesand licorice are all great,licoricebut the main thing is to experience this wonderful survival of an old time candy store in the heart of Manhattan. If you need a reason to be there, you can say it’s because you’re going to City Center.outsideOr not.





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