A Great Meal and A Story Slam in Flushing

Heading east to Flushing on the 7 train (which now extends west to the Hudson Yards)flushing_main11 subway(subwaynut.com), we disembarked at Main Street to find ourselves in a cool new world. macaulay.cuny.edu(macaulay.cuny.edu) In fact, we went into a shopping mall called the New World to find the Grand Restaurant and other shops of distinctionNew World marketbakeryfor a special treat provided by our son, Simon. We entered the Grand, quiet at night for dinner but by day, a vast and busy dim sum palace.grand insideWe had chicken with friend noodles,chicken with fried noodlesmarinated duck, ducksome excellent fried vegetable dumplings,

veg dumplingsand one of my favorites, shrimp with salt and pepper.

shrimpWe finished off the meal with an unfamiliar but strangely pleasant sweet soup, .sweet soup dessertThen we headed off to the Flushing Town Hall,outside town hall a dignified edifice somewhat at odds with the high jinks going on inside. In fact, we were there, along with lots of others, for some low-budget theater,town hallto hear the MOTH Story Slam, our very first. In particular we went to see our daughter-in-law Trudi

trudi 1do stand-up storytelling, something I knew she did but never saw before. What a hoot! She was terrific and the audience showed their approval with scores of 8.9 and 9.0. In the end, Trudi triumphantly celebrated her high rankings and we celebrated Trudi. trudi 2

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#Grand Restaurant

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