Pergamon 400 BC at the Met Museum

Pergamon2016_Landing_Page_Grid_View_Large_and_MediumException_1040x1040_020316_v1( Ever wondered what kind of art Alexander and his fellow Greeks saw in their everyday lives? You will see it in this huge exhibit of colossal statuary from about 400 BC up to the Romans in the first century BC. Pergamon, now Bergama in Turkey, was the site of one of the Hellenistic royal courts and is the focus of this exhibit.  Most of the art comes from a group of museums including the Met, but especially the Berlin Museum, and other important museums in Greece, Italy, Morrocco, Tunisia and the US.

What we usually see in museums are Roman copies of the original Greek statues because the Greek ones are so rare. But all of these are the original Greek art and they are stunning. In attempts to place the acropolis for us, we have a Friedrich (von) Thiersch’s 1882  depiction of Pergamon in those ancient days. 1882 artistWe have the Acropolis today acropolis todayand there are interesting models of the great temple. model templemodel temple sideI especially liked familiar figures we might see today, like this dog doing a play bow dogand street musicians in tiny mosaics.

musicians 2We have lost the names of the sculptors but we can see their works: a stupendous 14 foot high Athena,athenacomedy and tragedy masks,comedy and tragedy masksand an interesting head of Pompey from 50 BC. pompeyThe first floor cafe looks out at the park and is now cafeteria style with reasonably priced sandwiches and excellent pastries–trust me on this.

met cafeYou can gaze on later sculptures in the court next to you.court near cafeOh, did I mention the jewelry is really nice?armbandI think I’ll get myself an armband or a diadem next time I’m in a shop.diademRory and I obtained our free one-year memberships at the desk with our NYCID cards but you can pay what you wish any day you go. (That’s in small print.)




2 thoughts on “Pergamon 400 BC at the Met Museum

  1. Tks . Unfortunately didn’t make it To the exhibit but We are in Athens And tomorrow we go to the national Archeological museum.

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