Do You Have a Large Head?

Is it difficult finding hats your size? well, I do and it is.  Years ago, I had found a lovely hat maker who sold her custom hats at the local street fair. I bought many of them because the inside headband was sizable. Alas, she passed away and with her, hats that fit me.

hatsonwallI thought I had the answer when I found two on the web that sported “extra large” labels. Sadly, more of the same and still too tight. In this city of cities, however, I figured I could find someone who could stretch these lovely wool cloches for me. Here is what I found–the venerable and wonderful Worth and Worth, hat makers to the cognoscenti and hat fitters to the large of head.Currently, they are located on the second floor in a West 57th Street location; they are moving soon but in the same neighborhood. You will want to see this lovely reminder of a time when everyone wore hats and very nice ones too. hatsonshelvesThey make gorgeous hand-made hats for men and women that are pretty pricey (but not when you realize you are paying for something unique) for those in the know hatsbut they also refit your own hats at a very reasonable price. And they did mine beautifully. Rory enjoyed browsing rory and hatsand we both enjoyed the out-of-the-past millieu.It’s wonderful to know that designers and artisans still work right in the heart of Manhattan.workroom(2)workroom 2Worth and Worth (212) 265-2887.



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