I’ve Come Out of My Election Fit

nina-and-sarahOK, while it was going on, I admit I was completely obsessed; I could reel off competing stats and polls and I had no time for anything else. I pretty much felt that Clinton would win but I was definitely nervous. Her favorables were low and the public definitely felt the country was on the wrong track. I didn’t agree but then I hadn’t lost my job in the steel or coal industry. While hindsight is 20/20, I always thought the first thing Obama should have passed when he had the Congress was a jobs bill. He chose the Affordable Care Act and perhaps he was right as so many people got coverage for the first time but there were still all those people in the middle of the country who didn’t have a job. I think they got sick of waiting and chose Trump out of a desire for some kind of change that would help them. While I hope their wish comes true, I don’t think it can—coal is certainly not coming back and I’m puzzled as to how Trump can find jobs for all those ex-steel workers. His ideas on trade are primitive to say the least and that leaves out all the other issues he will have to face.

I see that Trump is picking very right wing choices for his cabinet and that bothers me of course, but what I am most concerned about is climate change. Almost everything else can be rolled back if we regain the political fortitude to do so, but climate change is irreversible and it’s getting to the point of no return. With visions of Trump’s sons proudly holding up the skins of endangered animals, I can only hope that he will be too busy to care about destroying the planet; he does have grandchildren, after all. I am, however, known as a hopeless optimist.

While I am still unable to watch the cable news shows and barely glance at the political sites I used to haunt, I am slowly recovering. My family is glad to see this as they had serious concerns about my sanity. I have decided to concentrate on the arts as they never fail you (except when they go really really wrong). Soon I will write about various concerts and shows but for now, I just wanted to say, I’m back.


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