Here’s A Little Homework For You

If you take the paper version of the New York Times, you can’t help but notice the huge headline and the five-page spread of one of the most important articles you will read, “Hacking the Democrats, How Russia Honed Its Cyberpower and Trained It on an American Election.”putin

( Whether we voted for the Democratic or Republican candidate, we can’t be happy that another sovereign power hacked into our political system, unquestionably swaying the election results. After slogging through all five pages, I’m convinced that this article should be required reading for every American.How Moscow Aimed a Perfect Weapon at the U.S. Election

Furthermore, this will undoubtedly be a call to arms for all citizens. Take the time to read it and be glad that we have a free press. Of course, it’s not completely free and if we don’t support it, we will lose it. Get a subscription to the newspaper of your choice and sustain this bulwark of freedom.





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