Daniel at a Discount?

Well, that would make no sense, would it, in a blog that’s supposed to be about going first class at a discount. Yet, it happened.relais

Rory and I recently celebrated our 50th and one of our cousins was kind enough to send us a gift to be used at any New York restaurant. At the same time, we saw that Daniel has a pre-theatre prix fixe dinner for a mere $119 (normally $142). Well, by putting the gift toward the lower priced dinner, we kind of eked out a discount—sort of. This is clearly not a budget destination but if you have a special splurge in mind, this would be a good place to have it.

First, the venue is lovely–formerly the Hotel Mayfair Tea Room, now a classically beautiful, comfortable and quiet space, even filled up.interior

The service is exquisite–put from your mind any thoughts of hoity-toity waiters acting uppity–not so. Everyone was lovely and kept wishing us a Happy Anniversary.

And the food. Well, certainly among the best I ever ate. Let me just use pictures as they tell the story better than words.

sweet potatoes First, the amuse-bouche of sweet potatoes–if you thought sweet potato mousse wasn’t a delicacy, this would change your mind. This was Rory’s lobster lobsterwith little lobster pouffes and his quail (don’t ask), quail and my peeky toe crab.crab

Rory had veal and sweetbreads–veal

I had the wagyu beef steakand we enjoyed their impeccable wines.

winesFor dessert (s?) Rory had their version of a St. Honore cakest honore.jpgI had their ordinary chocolate cake,

cake againand they gave us an extra dessert, which we absolutely needed,


complete with Happy Anniversary happy anniversary

They finished off with several little after dinner things, including some exquisite madeleines for our coffee. desserts (1)madeleinesunnamed

And of course, to take home, in case we were hungry on the way,  in a nice little box boxesun vrais cannele, which I’m embarrassed to say, I ate up when we got home.cannele

This was an outrageous but wonderful evening. If you need to find a place to celebrate, Daniel is it.







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