The Golden Apple Is Coming This Week to City Center’s Encores! THIS IS A HEADS-UP

Some of you have complained about not getting a heads-up in time to catch the great musicals in the Encores! series, so here it is.

The-Golden-Apple_220x330The Golden Apple by Jerome Moross and John Latouche, is a brilliant, funny and most of all beautiful musical from 1954. Still timely–it’s based (very very loosely) on Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, it’s also clever and endlessly melodic. Think–“It’s a Lazy Afternoon.” “For classicist Edith Hall, ‘The Odyssey is the mother of all story,’ she says. “It’s the first romance, the first road movie, the first sci-fi tale, the first biopic.” …why Odysseus is the quintessential American hero, and why Telemachus needs to get laid.” (

original coverDon’t miss it if you can possibly get there. Buy tickets starting at $35 through the City Center box office and try to catch one of the week’s performances–Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, plus two performances Saturday and Sunday.

Years ago, these “staged readings” were done with book in hand–that is now over and you get a full-fledged show with a huge, talented singing/dancing cast and a full orchestra on stage.




One thought on “The Golden Apple Is Coming This Week to City Center’s Encores! THIS IS A HEADS-UP

  1. I would advise not sitting in the top balcony. You feel like you’re a block away from the stage. Maybe you are. 🙂

    I’m seeing it Thursday.


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