America the Beautiful and the Free

Always, but especially today, I am proud to call myself an American. ptba-fn_2000_1024x1024(Larry Zack Wildlife Art) I had begun to doubt whether the country would continue to allow someone to hold the White House who denigrated women and disabled people, who cared not about the environment, and who insulted our allies and our heroes. How would we manage, I worried. And how would the world manage without America’s idealism.

I need not have worried. We still have a free press and there are still public servants who will step forward and call for an investigation. Yesterday,  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein moved outside the White House orbit and used his new power to appoint a Special Counsel. And he picked a person all of us could admire and trust, Robert Mueller, a man of stainless reputation. I know now that the republic will endure. 18mueller-largeHorizontal375-v2 (NYTimes)

And now, a note from your sponsor. Our free press is not exactly free–and we need to give it our financial and vocal support. Internet subscriptions to the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post are cheap. They need your help to survive and so do we.quote-the-only-security-of-all-is-in-a-free-press-the-force-of-public-opinion-cannot-be-resisted-when-thomas-jefferson-307109








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