Me, A Community Activist?

In the rain, Rory and I hiked over to our nearby Community Free Democrats meeting for the group’s endorsements and learned a lot about our local candidates and the folks who support them.Nadler's town hall(

If you remember, Tip O’Neill said “all politics is local,” and here you see it on its most basic level. Yes, we should be involved with the upcoming 2018 House elections not to mention the 2020 presidential elections, but there are other things to be concerned about, too.

For instance, did you know our much-loved Museum of Natural History wants to build another (they already have 23) big building on the little Teddy Roosevelt Park in which it sits? natural history museum( I didn’t know and this bothered me, leading to the big question of which candidate to support for City Council and they were there last night. Hint: two are against it, one is for it.

Do you object to the over-development of the West Side, with high rises making it impossible –to be selfish about it–to find a place for brunch? and do you remember fondly mom-and-pop stores of long ago–Rettinger’s Notions and our beloved Lichtman’s Bakery lichtman(louielichtmanscorner.blogspot) come to mind–that have been driven out by high commercial rents? there is a way to fight these seemingly inevitable woes but it means feet on the ground at your local political club–not just Democratic–although the Upper West Side is pretty solidly blue.

While I can’t promise you will become president, obama as community organizer(buzzfeed) you might want to follow in the steps of a famous community organizer and do your bit for your neighborhood. You will meet upcoming candidates, your favorite incumbents –our knockout Public Advocate Letitia James,letitia(nydailynews), our terrific Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal, rosenthal(nydailynews)–not to be confused with Helen Rosenthal–current City Council member) and Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Jr.Mark Peters, Cyrus Vance— and ( some active participants of all ages, including ours!

By the way, it’s free if you just want to be a lurker, but if you want to vote and support the group, you need to pay $30/year to join.







2 thoughts on “Me, A Community Activist?

  1. I know all about TR Park and have written many emails. Helen Rosenthal supports it, and I’ve written several nasty emails to her. The best reply is to say the Gilder (?) Center belongs in The Bronx where its clients are. No one addresses that.

    Good for you for becoming active. I’m doing more up here. It’s amazing how many local anti-Trump/GOP groups there are just in Northern Westchester. He really has brought out the troops.


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