Would You Believe–We Went for the Salads?

20170530_182115Ok, well maybe we didn’t go there for the salads but they were really really good. As we walked up Broadway, we noticed that the Sugar Factory had replaced our much-loved Ollie’s in the rear of the public space just between 66th and 67th.

It’s a bit of misnomer because although the front is just ice cream


and candy20170530_183916 the rest of the vast restaurant serves a voluminous menu that reminds one of The Cheesecake Factory–something for everybody.

In fact, my chopped Chinese chicken salad was great and they served it without cilantro (a hereditary affliction borne by my brother and nephew also). A reasonable $16.unnamed

They have fun drinks of all kinds 20170530_173429

but beware–this icy margarita was a whopping $36–not too bad if you divide it among 2-4 people but a hit to the wallet if not.

Then there are the desserts: of course the requisite waffles with ice cream, the ice cream fantasies and buckets reminiscent of Jahn’s in Queens jahns5(one location remains in Jackson Heights) where Rory memorably ate the Kitchen Sink. He doesn’t remember this but I do.2ab2a5db0402f8e4839819e9a928a6c1

Here, however we settled for the classic sundae for two (price $15)–except for the added pecan sauce, the candied walnuts, the sprinkles and some, but not enough, hot fudge. (see above) Courageously, we left half (well almost half) of it over and had only half a stomach ache.

This is a fun place and although the hot fudge didn’t compare to the lost legendary Wil Wright’s of whom I have written lovingly in this space before, it’s pretty good.unnamed (1)

If you stay away from the “premium” stuff, the prices are fine. We’re going back again–soon.





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