The Best Play in New York is Free

You just have to get there at 9 am to get tickets. I am talking, of course, about Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater–the joyous Midsummer Night’s Dream.20170805_195941 (2)

The music is eclectic–from Beale Street blues to rock to tango to gospel, produced by a terrific band, sung by an electrifying singer and danced by the whole company.demetrium and helena(

The casting was mostly gender and age blind, with old actors playing the fairies usually played by young ones, even children. Everyone was dressed dreamily in white silk pajamas or gowns with magnificent glittery cloaks and costumes over them. midsummer-nights-dream-kristine-nielsen

(public theater) The very elaborate sets reminded me of the forests in “Avatar” and at night, with the fairy lights on, it was magical.20170805_213158 (2) (1)

The standout Shakespeareans were Richard Poe as Oberon and Kristine Nielsen as Puck but everyone rendered the lines as though they understood them. The proof was that the audience, which included a big group of 20- and 30-somethings, understood too. The laughs from 400 years ago are still there and the jokes as fresh as they were in 1596. Rory and I were amazed that we never saw the links between “Romeo and Juliet” and “Pyramus and Thisbe,” the lamentable hilarious tale within the play, before.20170805_224448

If you go at 9 am any morning you will snag a seat on the Seniors’ Line where there are benches in the shade, and you will be sure to get a ticket. Bring a book because you won’t get your tickets until 12. (One Senior can buy two tickets.) Rory did the deed and as always, made some good friends on line.Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare in the Park

(frontmezzjunkies) When you leave the play, you will join the lines of attendees walking home through the park, with lamplight and bright windows from the Beresford shining through the trees like the moon and stars in Pyramus. 20170805_225146

You have until next Sunday (except Monday night); don’t miss this show.

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