I Was on the Stage Last Night at Mostly Mozart

No, I was not performing; I was in the audience on the fourth side of the cleverly designed stage area in David Geffen Hall (formerly Avery Fisher, home of the NY Philharmonic, named anew with a $100 million donation).mostlymozartimage

We like these seats because they are very close to the music, I don’t get a crick in my neck the way I do when we sit in the side balconies and they are cheap–$35 cheap. Otherwise the seats mostly run from $65 up, with the aforementioned side balconies also at $35. All in all, a great bargain. You can also get discounts when you buy three or more concerts.

We heard violinist Joshua Bell and cellist Steven Isserlis play the Brahms Double Concerto—magnificent of course although that was to be expected.bellandisserlis

(Richard King) But the big surprise that brought the audience to its feet cheering was the splendid rendition of Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony #5. The conductor was Andrew Manze, new to the MMs but not to the concert stage in general. He roused us all with the Reformation, drawing comparisons with Bach whom Mendelssohn had first championed and even connecting the symphony, literally, with Bach’s Contrapuncus XIV from Art of Fugue and, believe me, we got the point.Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

(That’s us in the back) The final movement contains the great chorale, Ein Feste Burg, better known in English as A Mighty Fortess is our God, and the brilliant fugal interweaving of the chorale and multiple strands of decoration.

The Mostly Mozart Festival is 50 years old and is now only on during August each year. If you are hungry for good music in the summer, take a look at the season and choose one or two concerts you might like. They are also doing a version of Don Giovanni that looks very interesting. dongiov

(Richard Termine) This will be staged at the Rose Theater. A special bonus if you can pull yourself together early enough is the free pre-concert and/or the discussion. Or you can hear Gil Shaham performing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concert on August 18-19.

A note on the concert hall which will be undergoing renovation yet again during the 2019-2020 year. They haven’t gotten it right yet but hope springs eternal. If you prefer a later start, you can enjoy music beginning at 10 pm in the Kaplan Penthouse–a perfect space.

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