Trump Loves Obama–No, Really, He Adores Him

This week, for some reason, all the media people suddenly realized that Trump’s one and only policy has been to destroy everything he could of Obama’s legacy. But only I ( to paraphrase our leader) can tell you why.

It is because Trump yearns to be like him, to look like him, to succeed like him and, above all, to be loved like him. Obama can do everything better than Trump and Trump knows it._92389399_trump2_reu

( Obama is the same height as Trump, but remains fit and trim, while Trump looks flabbier and puffier. Obama shot a 3-pointer from the sidelines and made it, while Trump is reputed to change his golf scores. (Why is it that he only plays on Trump-owned golf courses?)  Obama married his supervisor at work, an equally tall, imposing and brilliant woman and has remained devoted to her throughout his career. They raised two bright independent children without rumpus.

Trump has serially married one gorgeous model after another, unable to  effect a real relationship apparently, raising strangely clinging children some of whom may be indicted soon. He speaks casually and cruelly of his grandson. This may not be so odd as Fred Trump, his dad, who was photographed at a Nazi rally in the 30s, sent Donald off to military school for bad behavior. What message did he get, we wonder?

Trump was an undergrad transfer student from Fordham to the undergraduate business school at Penn with help from a family friend in the Admissions Office and with a GPA of who knows what. He did not graduate from the renowned graduate Wharton School although always claims to have done so. Obama graduated magna cum laude from Columbia and later taught constitutional law there after winning a blind contest for editor of the Harvard Law Review. Trump is obviously eaten up alive with envy. Nothing else could explain his constant harping on his great grades and Obama’s poor ones and his great brain. And Obama has bigger hands than Trump, make of that what you will.

Moving on to their adult stages–Trump made his way in business initially with a big loan from dad–(not a terrible thing, we all did it or would have liked to), but he never truly built anything–just put his name on stuff. By the way, if you drive up Riverside Boulevard, you can count on the fingers of one hand the residential towers that still have the name Trump on them. I don’t know what it cost them to get the name taken off but obviously it was worth it. In between bankruptcies, he made some money as his regular business practice was to stiff his contractors forcing them to join the line of the 4,000 others suing him.

We know that Trump is an obsessive liar–but we’re not sure he knows he’s not telling the truth. What is that called? The only fault I have ever found with Obama is that he is so careful and cautious about what he says, he never lets loose. Sometimes I wonder if he will burst with frustration. I know I feel that way.

As president, Obama worked on a slew of overwhelming problems, coming to grips with them and finding at least a partial solution. As president, Trump has studiously worked on tainting anything Obama had worked on–it doesn’t matter if it costs the American people money (his latest health care executive action), disenfranchises the poor, creates international feuds with friend and foes alike, and brings us dangerously close to war. Just so long as he can tell himself Obama isn’t really better than he is. But of course he is, we know it and Trump knows it. Trump even managed to make George W. Bush look and sound like an intellectual.

Even though Trump became famous through his birther lie, Obama tried to guide him in his first days as president, writing a truly remarkable letter to help the man who would lead the nation. Trump carries the letter with him–his talisman I suppose–but still can’t help denigrating the man who wrote it.

Lately, even Trump’s erstwhile friends who made a deal with the devil have come to realize he has no loyalty to them and they will have sold out without getting anything in return. Today, even those who strenuously disagreed with Obama’s policies long for the dignity and respect he brought to the office. Long may great Republicans who value their country even more than their own positions, continue to speak out. Hurray for Bob Corker, Ben Sasse and of course, that American hero, John McCain.

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