Good News Bad News Department Today I am inaugurating a new feature in my blog—items that seem to me to be good or bad news for everyone (not just Democrats). Here are today’s.

A federal judge ruled that North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature unfairly drew 13 congressional districts to its own advantage and ordered them to come up with a new map. This is good news for everybody if it means that the 14th amendment guaranteeing equal protection is still in operation. This ruling may affect other districts including one unfairly drawn by the Democratic-led legislature in Maryland. So be it.

The bad news is that only Florida’s coastline is exempt from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan to drill in ALL of our nation’s offshore waters thanks to Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott’s complaints.

My thanks to the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal for their informative articles (yes, even the Journal). Don’t forget to subscribe; an online subscription is cheap.

If you have good or bad news you’d like to report, please send in a comment.







One thought on “Good News Bad News Department

  1. Got it . Wonder if a legal case could Be brought and won on basis that Law drafted to favor or penalize Party In power versus opposition not for general Good .

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