A Time to Vote and a Time to March

la-na-womens-march-20180119(latimes.com)Yes, we’re going out there again–it’s the anniversary of the first Women’s March, which took place the day after Trump’s inauguration. There were lots of us. Today, we’re going out again on the anniversary of Trump’s first year. We have even more to march about.

senate wandering around(wivb.com)The government has been shut down by Republicans who cynically tried to force Democrats into voting for their spending bill by giving them a choice between extending CHIPs for six years (medical care for children which they never cared about before) or throwing out 800,000 dreamers–young people who were brought here by their parents and have forged a good life in the US, giving back to the only country they know. It didn’t work. Democrats figured it out (how dumb do they think we are anyway).

Thanks to an avowedly racist Republican president who prefers Norwegians to  jettison their perfect health care and pensions and emigrate here and some very far right wing Congressional leaders, almost one million federal workers will not receive salary checks. How long can you go without yours? We also won’t have the CDC reporting on the latest flu, we won’t have the national parks and I’m hoping the animals in the zoos get fed.

I don’t much care about Trump’s marital infidelities  TOPSHOT-US-POLITICS-TRUMP-HANUKKAH(mercurynews.com) although I’m not mad about his payoffs going through secret Delaware corporations, but I do care about his crazy way of operating with us. One minute, he’s with you; the next, he’s off you. Even McConnell gets confused. You can’t make a deal with someone who keeps changing his mind and he certainly has, promising us a “love” deal for DACA and giving us hate.

I think we’re going to have quite a few people out there today. The weather has cooperated and we all have something to say to our legislators; let them take heed. American women and the men who love them will be out in force demanding a better government. Did I mention walking is great for seniors? Get out your pink hats.







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