A Valentine to Getting Older Gratefully

sheltie and bulldogWe all have reason to know Bette Davis’ famous saying, “Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies,” but we also know the alternatives are not great.

A doctor once told my husband that having a low-level chronic condition was a good way to keep yourself healthy. Well, folks, guess what–we all do have a low-level chronic condition–it’s called aging. The only problem is that we don’t feel there’s any urgency about it. Wrong!

Who, after all, yearns to be tortured by enthusiastic PT experts exercising a bad knee, sheltie on treadmill(tenor_GIF-keyboard) hip or shoulder? or by the retina specialist flashing bright lights into your eyes for hours or the cheerful nursing assistants folding your breasts into the always-agonizing mammogram machines? (Please, somebody, find another way!)

The thing is, we’re not androids and we wear out. (Although it is true that my android phone is forever giving me trouble.) break up with your cellphone(DavidWygant) In order to keep our machines in tip-top condition, we have to service them and that means more and more appointments–thank you, Medicare. Then, if you’re lucky enough to have a partner, remember you have to take care of him, too. manatee

And let us not forget our pets, old and young.allcreatures(allcreaturesanimalhospital.org) All in all, there’s really a lot to do, but the payoff is tremendous.

I like to think of myself as a gently aging 747–my favorite plane–retired by many US airlines but still going strong through kindly and attentive maintenance.

Somewhere in there, I’d like to find time for a night at the opera and a meal out. And what about poetry readings and long walks–oh, I almost forgot–PT again tomorrow. I’ll be there.doing exercise(steps)




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