OK, It’s Definite, We Are Living In Bizarro World

Those of you old enough to remember this word from Superman will understand my point. Yesterday’s horrible carnage was met by Republicans urging us to pray and not take advantage of a tragedy for political purposes. The president suggested that the community was remiss in not seeing the signs of mental illness in the perpetrator before he struck. Yet this same president signed a law crafted by Senator Charles GrassleySenate Votes On Immigration Reform Bill(MSNBC) last year that made it easier for people with severe mental disorders to obtain guns. Even while Republicans have tried to deflect the gun safety issue onto mental health, they can’t even get their own story straight.

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, Republicans were busy weakening the Americans with Disabilities Act while refusing to allow protesting citizens who were blind, deaf and using wheelchairs to be photographed. disabiity vote(cspan) They even turned off the sound in the chamber. Are we living in a society that prohibits our freedom to see and hear what our legislators are doing?

And the president continued his false narrative about DACA, the destruction of which he decided upon unilaterally and which is now being litigated in the courts.angry trump on daca (nymag) (Rumor has it that Trump practices his Churchill face–see the real thing below.)  The Senate refused to pass even the most  extremely partisan version of a law protecting Dreamers that would include $25 billion for DJT’s wall, much loathed by the Democrats. Even the Wall Street Journal called Trump out for being unwilling to make a deal that pretty much gave him everything he wanted.

What is the moral of the above tales? I believe it is that it is futile to try to negotiate with a bully, that all we are doing is appeasing him and, as we know, appeasing a dictator never works. See Hitler, Munich and Chamberlain, a man of good will whose name today is infamous.churchill

On the other side of the Looking Glass, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, moves inexorably toward indictment after indictment, but very slowly. I admire his thoroughness and I know he is doing the right thing, but we can’t afford to wait for him to do our work for us.

So what will work?

Ok people, this isn’t going to be easy but the alternative is much much worse. We need to get out there, swing the 2018 election and capture the House so that when it comes time to use the “I” word–that is, impeachment, there will be a majority of the members who will be willing to vote honestly on the evidence Mueller provides.

Here are some things that are easy to do:

  • Call your representative and let him/her know you are willing to work for this change.
  • Contribute to the DCCC.org (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)
  • Help turn red districts to blue by volunteering and donating. See https://redtoblue.dccc.org/

And here’s the biggy–whatever you are doing and planning for the days leading up to and including Election Day, make it an article of faith that you will VOTE and get your friends, relatives and neighbors to vote. Do what you can to bring people to the polls. If you live, as I do, in a liberal district, work the phones for your local organization in a nationwide GOTV effort. I know, I hate making calls, too, but just do it.

Otherwise, if things go on as they are, you may soon not have the option.













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  1. Agreed

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