GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS: Lions Koalas and Echidnas Oh My


Unfortunately, with the gradual reduction of animal habitats, more little orphan animals are being found. Now, there is a way to feed them with “mother’s” milk thanks to new methods that can copy lion, koala, wombaroo(nytimes) echidna, elephant, giraffe and just about any other animal mother’s milk. Scientists even found a way to copy manatee mother’s milk. All of this is happening in Australia and the product is called Wombaroo, created by a local family-run business. Should you have a need for one of their items, it’s good to know it’s available.


The Bad News of the day is that eight New York Congresspersons (seven Republicans and one Democrat) have received donations ranging from $5000-$14850 from the NRA. I thought our state was better than that. The big winners are Texas and Ohio with CALIFORNIA a close runner-up. Our un-favorite Devin Nunes received $22,900! They have a little cleaning-up to do out there. Thank you Washington Post for letting us know.





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