EARLY MAN–Another Nick Park Tour de Force


If you are a fan of Wallace and Gromit 250px-Wallace_and_gromit(wiki) and who is not, and you loved “Shaun the Sheep” and “Chicken Run” you will love the next of Nick Park’s full length films, “Early Man.” Dug (voice by Eddie Remayne) and his faithful boar pal Hognob (voice by Nick himself) dug and hobnob(Aardman) represent the stone-agers confronting the Bronze-agers led by Lord Nooth (hilariously voiced by Shakespearean Tom Hiddleston), and his queen .lord nooth and the queen

Dug realizes that the cave paintings from his tribe’s past seem to indicate certain kicks that fit in very well with this new game, football (soccer to us), so he knows it’s in their history. To keep their verdant valley, he must play in the big soccer match. He captains his team through difficult and hysterical training cbbfc(cbbfc) while falling in love with Bronze-ager soccer great Goona (Maisie Williams) who is not allowed to play with the male Bronze-age team but who trains Dug’s team ruthlessly.goona (metacritic)

Well, you can guess what happens. The plot is not completely unforeseen but you will laugh and cackle as I did throughout. I don’t know anything about the stop motion technique but these clay figures do wonderful things.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but if you want a couple of hours of gentle creative humor, try this. And if you haven’t ever seen the Wallace and Gromit oeuvre, don’t miss them. You will soon be a fan.rabbit






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