20170530_182115If you are, thanks for staying in touch. I have been out of the loop for a while with various health issues including my son having an office window fly out of its track and hit him on the head. He is in recovery, thank you for asking.

But I thought I’d like to return to my maunderings. As I noted an interesting op-ed in the Times on “the Gift of Menopause” by MargaretĀ  Renki, I wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I leapt over menopause because of surgery for some large fibroids that had made monthly periods a misery for years. Far from feeling less of a woman, I’m convinced I danced out of the hospital the day after. No more pain and suffering and no more ruined vacations.

A word further about retirement and aging. It’s true, we’ve lost some dear friends and others are dealing with serious illness. And we spend a lot more time going to doctors for preventive care (mostly) but that is far better than going for treatment.

We can wake up any time in the morning (that is, any time that the dogs permit) and we can take long walks anywhere in this fascinating city. Have you noticed how many street markets there are? you can actually get really fresh fruit and veg.

Cooking, if i feel like it, is more fun because i don’t have to. You’ll be happy to hear that sex in your 70s is also still fun–whatever you can make of it. Remember, creativity can be the source of great pleasure.

Once I retired, i gave my suits and silk blouses away and i enjoy the comfort of cotton and yes, even the once-disdained polyester that can go into the machine. After a couple of nasty falls tripping over dog leashes and uneven pavement, I retired all my heels and have moved on to stylish flat shoes with a little strap across the instep.

Again, i recommend the enjoyment of looking for senior discounts, free days at the museums and of course, senior Metro fares. Lunch out for an occasional splurge is always cheaper and you digest so much better.

If you are lucky enough, as I am, to have a partner who enjoys the little things like walking the dogs and looking for big sales, everything is of course more fun.

I read somewhere that the Chinese believe that the years between 70 and 80 are the richest and most fulfilling. So far, as with so many things, their wisdom has proved true.




#discounts for seniors



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