Just Coming Out of a Lonnnnng Depression

We did it, folks. We took back the House and several important governorships–even, maybe several Senators. Of course, our work is just beginning, but we can see light.

When I say depressed, I mean a specific depression related to our country, and to Donald j. Trump who seemed to have limitless power to hurt people. However, he does not.

Even this last appointment is proving so contentious, he has already started saying he never met the man, surely the road to the dumpster for Whittaker.

As for the danger to Mueller, I am confident he saw this coming the day he took the job and has prepared for it with sealed indictments and reports. Not to worry people, he knows what to do.

New York State is now blue, and that miserable State Senate has been squashed so we can get some decent legislation done.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t march, protest, write and contribute where needed. We still need to take over the Senate and a few more governorships would be nice. Remember, 2020 is coming up and the governors have a lot of say over voting rules in their states.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine. I’m going to.







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